SMG Equipment with Experienced Technicians

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SMG Equipment with Experienced Technicians

The SandMatic top off service also helps protect turf fields by restoring the turf fiber back to its intended upright position, supporting the fiber with the added in-fill material. Keeping or restoring the fiber in its proper upright position is key to normal fiber wear.


  1. Sport-Install is a nationwide professional company specializing in synthetic turf maintenance, advanced in-fill procedures, and athletic field renovation and repair. We utilize highly skilled and experienced technicians, combined with specialized SMG equipment to enhance and maintain the long-term playability of synthetic surfaces.

    We understand the growth in popularity of synthetic turf systems and focus on working with manufacturers, owners, and facilities managers to protect their investment and to maximize the performance and longevity of the turf surfaces.

  2. I need a replacement part for a TurfCare TCA 1400, 6222000 REV00
    The part I need is not listed in your parts book. It is one of the wheel assemblies on the front of the machine.

    Please call me
    Thank you
    Bill Davis

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