SMG TurfRoller

Installation Cart with hydraulic lifter for the transport and rolling out of synthetic turf

By using the SMG TurfRoller TR5000 for laying of artificial turf the user will benefit from a considerable reduced workload because this device makes the transport and laying of turf rolls very easy.

SMG TurfRoller TR5000In contrast to the traditional laying practice being characterized by a labor-intensive, energy-involved and time-consuming adjustment of the turf rolls, the reasonable construction of the TurfRoller TR5000 allows a precise positioning and rolling out of a turf roll so that a subsequent adjustment is nearly not necessary.

The TurfRoller TR5000 is able to lay artificial turf rolls of up to 5 m width.

The TurfRoller TR5000 consists of two carts. Each cart is equipped with two steerable double pneumatic tires being steered by a drawbar.

A square crossbeam connects both carts to a transport unit with 4 pairs of wheels in order to take the total weight.

Thereby a minimal surface pressure on the subbase is guaranteed and thus the transport on unbounded elastic layers is an effortless business.

Every cart is equipped with a steering drawbar. The professional steering mechanics of the cart allows both wheel pairs to be steered or only the wheel which is turned to the steering drawbar while the other one is locked. Thus the TR5000 is variable and precise to maneuver in all directions.

Both carts are equipped with a lifting unit composed of a hand pump and hydraulic cylinder to carry the transport pipe for an easy lifting and lowering of the artificial turf roll.

Special Features of the TurfRoller TR5000

  • Turf roll widths from 1.0 to 5.0 m transportable
  • Hydraulically lifted, easy to transport
  • Hand pump for easy up/down of the turf rolls
  • Once disassembled the TurfRoller can be transported in a space-saving way
  • Cart variable adjustable for easy maneuver and precise unrolling of the turf

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