In-fill Installation Service (Existing Field)

For an existing synthetic turf field, the Sport-Install SandMatic Top-Off Service has proven to be very effective in adding the correct amount of in-fill material needed to rejuvenate existing turf surfaces: improving impact attenuation and other relevant playing characteristics of the surface.

In-fill Installation ServiceThe SandMatic top-off service also helps protect turf fields by restoring the turf fiber back to its intended upright position, supporting the fiber with the added in-fill material. Keeping or restoring the fiber in its proper upright position is key to normal fiber wear: from the top down.

A fiber that is not supported by the correct amount of in-fill gets crushed, consequently wears more rapidly and the life expectancy of the surface is greatly decreased. In-fill that has been displaced by climatic conditions or snow removal can be replaced without further wear to the fiber.

These improvements in the condition of existing synthetic turf fields can extend the life of your synthetic turf surface by multiple years. Impact attenuation, rotational resistance, deformation, ball bounce and ball roll are also improved.

Let Sport-Install help you to achieve maximum consistency and performance from your in-filled synthetic turf surface.

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