Bac-Shield Application

Sport-Install is proud to offer Bac-Shield™ antimicrobial spray for synthetic turf fields. Bac-Shield™ antimicrobial treatment gives antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to synthetic turf surfaces, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi.

In-fill Installation Service

Sport-Install has used the SMG metered-infill equipment for both new and existing synthetic turf fields since 2002. The SandMatic provides a uniform application of in-fill material for fields, without trapping the fiber, achieving a consistent in-fill level and a higher degree of initial in-fill volumes.

In-fill Installation Service for Existing Field

For an existing synthetic turf field, the Sport-Install SandMatic Top-Off Service has proven to be very effective in adding the correct amount of in-fill material needed to rejuvenate existing turf surfaces: improving impact attenuation and other relevant playing characteristics of the surface.

In-fill Removal Service

Sport-Install now offers in-fill removal using the SMG RenoMatic. Designed to allow partial or complete removal of the in-fill material and embedded dirt and debris. The RenoMatic is the latest addition to the Sport-Install Turf Maintenance Program.

SportChamp Service

Offered nationwide as the first of its kind annual maintenance program for in-filled synthetic turf, the Sport-Install SportChamp Service Program utilizes the SMG SportChamp to vacuum, de-compact and groom synthetic turf surfaces.