Decompaction Brush

The 3-point hitch rear-mount accessory with variable tow coupling fits all popular makes of compact tractor available on the market. The SMG Brush DC1600 is designed to loosen up mixed-fill artificial turf surfaces and to straighten the turf fibers.

SMG RenoMatic

The RenoMatic RM1400 is able to remove sand and/or rubber granulates effectively and exactly dosed/regulated from artificial turf pitches. Excellent results will be achieved because of the precisely adjustable working depth of the prong shafts and the subsequent rotary brush.

SMG RotoTine

The SMG RotoTine RT1500 is designed to loosen the artificial turf infill material. It can also be used to remove the infill from the artificial turf by adjusting the working depth to a lower setting. Four adjustment spindles allow the adjustment of the working depth.

SMG SandMatic

The SandMatic B1505RC fully meets the special demands placed on it by ultra-modern synthetic grass surfaces and even when the pile is extremely high the prescribed amounts of sand or granulate will be exactly distributed and worked into the system by use of non-rotating/oscillating brushes.

SMG SportChamp

The SportChamp is a clean solution to the problem of caring for all synthetic surfaces for sporting activities. Regular use of the SportChamp for cleaning and maintenance ensures a surface that is not only always clean but also one that is long-lasting and provides optimal conditions for games and sports.

SMG TurfCare

The ground driven SMG TurfCare TCS1400 from SMG cleans and maintains the surface of sand and rubber filled synthetic turf pitches. The wheel drive makes the equipment independent from any hydraulic or power shaft drives.

SMG TurfPickup

Hardened artificial turf pitches with sand and/or rubber granulate infill can be loosened by the SMG TurfPickup TP600. The maneuverable TP600 is ideal especially for small facilities or repair areas in larger facilities.

SMG TurfRoller

By using the SMG TurfRoller TR5000 for laying of artificial turf the user will benefit from a considerable reduced workload because this device makes the transport and laying of turf rolls very easy.

SMG TurfSet

The complete Tool-Set for the professional installation of synthetic turf. The SMG TurfSet includes SeamFix, GlueFix, LineCutter, CircleCutter, TrueGrip, GrassCutter, EdgeTrimmer, FloorTest, Safety Cutter, Knife blades and Measuring tape.