SMG RenoMatic

The RenoMatic RM1400 is able to remove sand and/or rubber granulates effectively and exactly dosed/regulated from artificial turf pitches. Excellent results will be achieved because of the precisely adjustable working depth of the prong shafts and the subsequent rotary brush.

SMG SandMatic

The SandMatic B1505RC fully meets the special demands placed on it by ultra-modern synthetic grass surfaces and even when the pile is extremely high the prescribed amounts of sand or granulate will be exactly distributed and worked into the system by use of non-rotating/oscillating brushes.

SMG SportChamp

The SportChamp SC2, the leading machine in the world market, is the solution for the maintenance of different synthetic sport surfaces within a sports facility. By the use of different attachments all synthetic turf surfaces can be cleaned and maintained and beyond that for an efficient and economic upkeep of the surface.