SMG RotoTine

Rear mounted machine for loosening and removing infill of artificial turf

The SMG RotoTine RT1500 is designed to loosen the artificial turf infill material. It can also be used to remove the infill from the artificial turf by adjusting the working depth to a lower setting.

SMG RotoTine RT1500Four (4) adjustment spindles allow the adjustment of the working depth to the desired setting. A locking mechanism secures the spindles from turning.

The rotating tools are equipped with tines. If needed, brushes of different configuration and hardness can be used. Replacing the brushes is a fast and easy step.

Requirements for using the RT1500

  1. Operation requires a tractor with at least 23kW (31 HP) drive power and also a 3-point hydraulic hitch.
  2. We recommend a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission drive or crawling gear.
  3. P.T.O. must perform 540 U/min.

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