Decompaction Brush

SMG Decompaction Brush DC1600The 3-point hitch rear-mount accessory with variable tow coupling fits all popular makes of compact tractor available on the market.

The SMG Decompaction Brush DC1600 is designed to loosen up mixed-fill artificial turf surfaces and to straighten the turf fibers.

The infilling material is leveled with the trailing brush row.

The working width is 1,600 mm; the working depth can be precisely adjusted via two adjusting spindles.

Chassis Laser-cut steel frame construction, plastic coated;
Functions 6 rows of spring-steel tines, 100 mm long, 3 mm thick (fold up slightly from the surface when reversing) Double row, trailing drag-brush arranged in a V-form
Weight 130 kg
Dimensions L 1.267 x B 1.677 x H 425 mm

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