SMG TurfPickup

Handy decompacting device for the loosening of filled artificial turf

Hardened artificial turf pitches with sand and/or rubber granulate infill can be loosened by the SMG TurfPickup TP600.

SMG TurfPickup TP600The maneuverable TP600 is ideal especially for small facilities e.g. tennis courts or repair areas in larger facilities.

A rotating prong shaft loosens hardenings carefully and removes the infill material from the artificial turf. The working depth can be adjusted via spindles.

The 1 cylinder petrol engine provides sufficient power to work every effectively with a width of 600 mm.

A weight of 75 kg and a fold-away handle make it easy and extremely handy to transport the TP600.

Special Features of the TurfPickup TP600

  • 1-cylinder petrol engine for the drive of the prong shaft
  • Working depth adjustable via spindles
  • Rotating shaft with flexible prongs

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