SMG SportChamp

For cleaning and maintaining sand or granule-filled artificial grass surfaces and other fully synthetic surfaces of sports.


The SportChamp is a clean solution to the problem of caring for all synthetic surfaces for sporting activities. Regular use of the SportChamp for cleaning and maintenance ensures a surface that is not only always clean but also one that is long-lasting and provides optimal conditions for games and sports.

SMG SportChamp EquipmentThe value of investing in the SportChamp is just as evident with fully synthetic grass as it is when it is used for a sand or granule-filled synthetic surface of older or the latest generation, for athletic tracks and for all other synthetic surfaces.

It is important to realize that sweeping with a broom or dragging mats over the ground is no solution! The surface is not cleaned in this way — dirt and dust are merely spread about and not removed.

The SportChamp is strongly recommended for weekly cleaning and maintenance work. The wear and tear of everyday use and climatic conditions, too, have an adverse, lasting effect on the surface underfoot air-borne particles, felt from balls and particles of every kind of dirt accumulate on the playing surface in a very short time.

If cleaning is not carried out regularly there is a danger that the altered character of the ground perhaps will lead to injuries of players.

The SportChamp removes extraneous material quickly and efficiently before it can cause damage.

By the addition of an assortment of accessory appliances the SportChamp can be adapted to suit the surface to be cleaned.

An ingenious brush, suction and filter system prevents the special material spread on the surface being removed, brushes thoroughly, sucks up dirt particles and straightens the fibers, a vitally important function for preserving the nature of the material.

Only cleaning and maintaining with a SportChamp can ensure the maximum service life of a satisfactory surface.

Hydraulically-supported, the emptying of the filter box is carried out from the driver’s seat just as simply as all the other control functions.

The powerful performance of SportChamp’s diesel engine and the simple changing of the accessory appliances without using extra tools make it possible to carry out cleaning and maintenance work on a football pitch in less than 90 minutes.

Operation and Maintenance

Easily accessible machine elements simplify the work and reduce the time required to a minimum, so that you have a machine that is always ready for use — and therefore an optimal surface.

The hydrostatic drive and lifting equipment makes the work of the personnel using it much easier and they really enjoy the work. The machine is so constructed that it adapts exactly to the surface pressure required for synthetic surfaces.

The SportChamp can also be used on surfaces which are not bound to the ground below and can even be driven over rainwater channels without any problem.

Sand or Granule-filled Artificial Turf

Only if a newly-laid artificial grass surface is regularly cleared of dirt from the first day onwards will it continue to allow surface water to drain away.

This necessary cleaning also hinders the growth of moss and algae and so preserves the artificial turf’s physiological characteristics.

Depending on the condition of the surface and how dirty it has become, either the trailing brush combined with the suction turbine for fine dirt particles is used, or the rotating brush for coarser particles and air-borne dirt.

Since the appliances are attached at the front every corner is cleaned and the specially strewn material is immediately replaced.

Fully Synthetic Turf

These sports surfaces are exposed to the same influences as sand or granule-filled artificial turf: weather and continual use adversely affect the quality of the materials.

The SportChamp, with the contra-rotating brush unit and its hydraulically-operated sweepers will keep your fully synthetic turf in absolutely first-class condition.

Only the SportChamp’s contra-rotating brushes are capable of straightening out the crushed fibers in not time at all. The powerful suction turbine, in conjunction with the brushes, picks up the dirt in an environmentally-friendly process and deposits it in the large filter box.

Fully synthetic grass surfaces are regularly sprayed with water that is retained for a long time and this creates ground conditions that present conventional brush and suction appliances with insoluble problems.

But not the SportChamp — the only cleaning machine for synthetic surfaces with an interchangeable filter system! With this machine it is possible to clean wet playing areas without it being necessary to reduce the suction power or switch the turbine off altogether.

Regularly cleaned with the SportChamp, your artificial grass will fulfill all the requirements for a top-class playing surface.

SportChamp: no dirt, no dust, no bits of felt and you will always have a well-maintained surface on which the balls roll true!

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