SMG SandMatic

Fully automatic infilling machine for exact dosage of sand and rubber into modern synthetic grass surfaces

The SandMatic B1505RC fully meets the special demands placed on it by ultra-modern synthetic grass surfaces and even when the pile is extremely high the prescribed amounts of  sand or granulate will be exactly distributed and worked into the system by use of non-rotating / oscillating brushers.

SMG SandMaticA free-hanging brush unit with separate brushes straightens and evens out the carpet pile. The sand is spread at the same time, thus put upright the pile.

The oscillating brush unit which follows carefully, is adjustable in height and works the material into a level surface in one process.

The required quantities of sand and rubber granulates are exactly dosed and spread in proportion to the speed at which the machine is driving. A slide valve enables the quantity of material strewn to be constantly variable from 2.5 – 4.0 kg/m2.

Driving speeds from 1m/min. to 15 m/min. make the machine flexible in use. The working width is 1.5 meters.

This gives a theoretical performance of 1.5 to 22.5 m2/min. The machine is driven by a 3-Cylinder Kubota diesel engine with a performance of 18.4 kW.

All functions are performed by the compact radio control which makes the operation method more comfortable and expedites the working process.

The machine can be also controlled manually by means of the operating panel in case of an unlikely breakdown of the remote control.

The weight of the machine is supported by 8 air-filled, low-pressure tires. So, the machine, when filled, conforms to the permitted ground pressure fo the synthetic surface.

The four pairs of wheels can be pivoted through 120° for extremely easy maneuvers. Truck-fork slots make loading by a fork-lift truck for a danger-free operation.

Special Features of the SandMatic B1505RC

  • Material output exact adjustable through a slide valve
  • Water cooled 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • Remote control with 100 m range
  • Brush unit for straightening and evening out the pile and brushing in the filling
  • 4 pairs of large wheels for minimum ground pressure and easy maneuvering

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