SMG TurfSet

The complete Tool-Set for the professional installation of synthetic turf

SMG TurfSetThe SMG TurfSet includes the following:


Pressure tool for the solified connection of the seams of artificial grass and glue coated seam tape.

GlueFix GF300

Glue applicator for glue coating of seam tape for artificial grass. Stationary version.


For cutting of variable width of straight lines and circular lines in artificial lawn.


Tool for perfect circular cuttings in artificial lawn.

TurfGrip (2x)

Gripping tongs for a fast and easy pavering of artificial lawn.


Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial lawn.


For trimming of artificial grass strips.

FloorTest FT50

Measuring tool for synthetic sports surfaces and filled artificial grass surfaces. Range 0-50 mm.

Safety Cutter (5x)

Artificial turf cutter with belt holder storage unit.

Knife blades (20x)

Heavy duty utility blades engineered for artificial turf cutting. 4 sets of 5 pieces.

Measuring tape (100 m)

Open real measuring tape with a durable construction and a hand crank, which helps to easily wind the tape back into the roll.

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