In-fill Installation Service

Sport-Install has used the SMG metered-infill equipment for both new and existing synthetic turf fields since 2002. The SandMatic provides a uniform application of in-fill material for fields, without trapping the fiber, achieving a consistent in-fill level and a higher degree of initial in-fill volumes.

In-fill Installation ServiceBy preventing the turf fiber from being trapped during the initial in-fill installation, it ensures that the fiber remains, as designed, in the upright position. This allows a normal wear of the fiber from the top down.

When the fiber is trapped on its side by the in-fill materials, it wears prematurely and the life expectancy of the synthetic turf surface is greatly decreased.

The SandMatic process is also metered; the in-fill material levels are consistently set by the experienced Sport-Install operator.

Consistent in-fill levels offer better and safer footing for the athletes, more consistent impact attenuation readings and consequently better shock absorbency. Improvements are also obtained in rotational resistance, deformation, ball bounce, ball roll, etc.

The SandMatic is also equipped with oscillating brushes that deliver the in-fill material without causing wear to the turf fiber.

By comparison, the commonly used drop and drag techniques for in-fill installation which can cause premature wear of the turf fiber by trapping in fiber under the in-fill, also incorporates high-speed rotary brushes which can damage, split or break the turf fiber itself, greatly reducing the life expectancy of the turf surface.

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