In-fill Removal Service

Sport-Install now offers in-fill removal using the SMG RenoMatic. Designed to allow partial or complete removal of the in-fill material and embedded dirt and debris. The RenoMatic is the latest addition to the Sport-Install Turf Maintenance Program.

RenoMatic In-fill Removal ServiceUsing the RenoMatic we can provide complete removal of in-fill material, partial removal of in-fill from over-filled surfaces, correction of uneven in-fill levels, and the removal of any amount of in-fill that has become too firm, contaminated, or does not drain properly.

When combined with our SandMatic in-fill service, we can improve resiliency in fields that are pushing the limits of allowable G-Max levels by removing the old compacted or contaminated in-fill and replacing it with new in-fill material.

Remove a little or a lot. The RenoMatic is fully adjustable and removes in-fill to the required depth as set by the experienced Sport-Install technician. The RenoMatic is also the best solution for removing infield mix from around base cutouts on synthetic baseball fields.

Let Sport-Install help you enhance your field’s performance and protect your investment in synthetic turf with our turf maintenance programs.

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